Unique attributes of products in the VIDARON advertising campaign

For years the VIDARON brand has combined experience with the latest technological solutions, offering products which provide effective protection, preservation and decoration for all sorts of wood. Unique attributes of the VIDARON products: 6-year warranty as well as the content of Teflon® surface protector are the main ‘heros’ of the brand advertising campaign.

The campaign, being a follow-up and enhancement of past brand promotional activities, embraces various communication channels. Television spots, where the famous seller, providing professional advice, from the previous editions of VIDARON campaign starred, can be watched during the prime time in the most popular television stations such as TVN, Polsat, TVN24, TVP1, TVP2, TVP Info, Discovery Channel and others. The television campaign will last for the whole renovation and gardening season.

Within the range of promotional actions, there will be advertisements and sponsored articles in the most popular magazines dedicated entirely to construction subject matter. The Internet campaign will comprise banners, commercials, advertisements in browsers and wider range of the VIDARON brand on YouTube.com internet service.

We invite you to follow the actions of the VIDARON campaign on television, the Internet and newspaper!

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