Protect wood – easily and efficiently

Preserving wooden furniture or toys allows to protect them effectively and emphasize the natural aesthetics of wood. VIDARON Protective and Decorative Super Efficient Varnish and Stain has been intended for meeting needs of those users, who value easy application and excellent use parameters.

vidaron_lakierobejca_klon_750ml_01The new product of the VIDARON brand is a solution which can be used for decorative and protective painting of wooden objects used both indoors and outdoors. By taking advantage of the product we can easily restore wooden elements and create a permanent and aesthetic coating.

The new formula of VIDARON Protective and Decorative Super Efficient Varnish and Stain provides facilitated application and unique efficiency – up to 30 m2/l with one painting. The special gel formula of the product prevents it from dripping, splattering and flowing down from vertical surfaces, which significantly facilitates its uniform application.


The varnish contains Teflon® surface protector which efficiently protects the wood against unfavorable weather conditions and prevents from rinsing the protective agents. The product is especially friendly for sensitive persons since it complies with the strict requirements of the European standard - PN EN 71.3 Safety of Toys. The objects painted by the varnish are covered by a 6-year warranty.


The product which combines quality and ecology is available in colourless version and 11 ready-to-use colours. Its application allows to obtain a satin coating, emphasizing the natural wood grain.

Thanks to the new Protective and Decorative Super Efficient VIDARON Varnish spring painting of wooden elements will be a real pleasure!


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